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Dining Menus
Please choose from the following menus:
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Lunch Appetizers and Soups:
   Toasted Ravioli (Served with parmigiano cheese and our rich meat sauce)  $8.95
   Cheese Garlic Bread  $5.95
   Calamari (Light golden batter, served with marinara sauce)  $10.50     
   Crispy Artichoke Hearts (Artichoke hearts, Italian breadcrumbs served with lemon, butter and parmigabo cheese)  $9.25
   Fried Cheese (Imported provolone, lightly breaded and fried.  Served with marinara sauce)  $8.95
   Eggplant Parmigiano (Baked with marinara sauce and cheese)  $10.50
   Soup of The Day   Cup  $4.25   Bowl  $5.50
   Pasta Fazula (Favazza's version of the classic soup made with pasta and beans)  Cup  $4.25   Bowl  $5.50

Favazzas Famous Garlic Bread
Small 4.95 Large 6.95
Prices Subject to Change.

Lunch Pizzas: (Hand Tossed Pizza 10")
   Margherita Classic style tomato sauce  $11.95
   Sausage & Pepperroni Tomato sauce and mozzaerlla cheese  $13.95

Lunch Sandwiches:
   Meatball or Salsiccia (On french bread)  $10.95
   Fish Sandwich (Breaded cod filet on french bread with homemade tartar sauce)  $9.95
   Charbroiled Chicken (Marinated and charbroiled on a kaiser roll)  $9.95
   Steak and Cheese (Served on cheese garlic bread)  $14.95
   Roast Beef (Served on french bread)  $10.95

Sandwiches include your choice of Pasta or Steak Fries

Prices Subject to Change.

Lunch Salads:
   Favazza's House Salad (Iceberg and romaine lettuce, red onions, parmigiano cheese tossed with house
          dressing then topped with provel cheese, ham, salami, and olives)  Small  $8.95   Large  $11.50
   Sicilian Salad (Topped with fresh tomato, red onions, artichokes, and olives)  Small $8.25   Large  $10.95
   Fresh Grilled Salmon & Spinach Salad (Crispy prosciutto,
walnuts and Gorgonzola cheese with a balsamic vinaigrette)  $13.95
   Caesar Salad  Small  $6.95   Large  $10.50
   Tomato, Onion, and Anchovy Salad  $7.95
   Dinner Salad  $4.95
Add: Chicken 4.00 / Salmon 6.00 / Shrimp 6.00 / Anchovies 2.75 / Gorgonzola 2.75

Prices Subject to Change.

Lunch Pastas:
   Spaghetti or Mostaccioli (Served with marinara sauce or meat sauce)  $7.50 
        (with meatball or salsiccia)  $9.95
   Cannelloni (Meat-filled tubular noodles baked in a meat sauce with cream sauce and parmigiano cheese) 
        (2)  $9.95   (1)  $6.95

   Manicotti (Cheese filled tubular noodles baked in marinara sauce with parmigiano cheese) 
        (2)  $9.95   (1)  $6.95
   Fettucine Alfredo (Classic blend of butter, cream, and parmigiano cheese)  $10.50
   Cavatelli Con Broccoli (Creamy butter and parmigiano cheese sauce with broccoli, mushrooms, and
          a touch of marinara)  $10.95
   Tortellini Alla Panna (Meat-filled doughnut shaped pasta in butter, cream, and parmigiano cheese sauce
          with prosciutto, peas, and mushrooms)  $11.95
   Spaghetti Pomodoro (Fresh ripe tomatoes, virgin live oil, fresh basil and garlic)  $9.25
   Baked Cavatelli Melanzane (Cavatelli in marinara sauce and mushrooms,
          topped with eggplant parmigiano)  $12.95
   Whole Wheat Penne Primavera (Olive oil, garlic, touch of tomato
          with fresh vegetables and basil)  $10.95
   Ravioli (Served in a meat sauce)  $9.50
   Baked Mostaccioli (In meat sauce topped with provel cheese)  $8.50.
        (with meatballs or salsiccia)  $10.95
   Homemade Lasagna  $14.95

Add: Chicken 4.00 / Salmon 6.00 / Shrimp 6.00

Prices Subject to Change.

Lunch Seafood Pastas:
   Linguine Pescatore (Seafood sauce with shrimp, clams and crab sautéed in virgin olive oil, garlic,
          butter sauce with fresh mushrooms)  $12.95

   Linguine Tuttomare (Seafood in creamy butter and garlic sauce with fresh mushrooms)  $12.95
   Cavatelli Shrimp Mario (Shrimp sautéed in butter and garlic with wine, fresh mushrooms, roasted
          peppers in marinara sauce)  $13.95
   Fettuccine with Shrimp and Scallops (Creamy parmigiano cheese sauce with mushrooms)  $13.95

Prices Subject to Change.

Lunch Chicken, Veal, Fish and Steaks:
   Chicken Marsala (sautéed in marsala wine sauce with fresh mushrooms,
        roasted peppers and tomatoes)  $13.95
   Chicken Limone  (sauteed in white wine, lemon and butter
        with fresh mushrooms)
  Veal Parmigiano  (seasoned with breadcrumbs and sauteed, baked with marinara sauce
        and provel cheese)

  Veal Picatta  (sauteed in butter with white wine, lemon and fresh mushrooms)  $16.95
  Fresh Catch  (charbroiled to order)  $22.95
  Shrimp Scampi  (marinated and charbroiled with breadcrumbs, served with olive oil,
        lemon and garlic sauce)

  Pesce Picatta  (Lightly breaded and sauteed, topped with cheese
        and served in white wine lemon butter sauce with fresh mushrooms)

  Sicilian Steak  (marinated sirloin, lightly breaded and charbroiled, topped with virgin olive oil,
        garlic and fresh lemon sauce)

  Steak Mudega  (lightly breaded 6 oz sirloin, charbroiled, topped with provel cheese and served in
        white wine sauce with prosciutto and fresh mushrooms)


**All Entrées Include Dinner Salad and Side Dish**
Prices Subject to Change.